Children first learn being governed in their families. In the nurturant parent family children learn empathy and responsibility to self and others and learn how to be strong enough to act on those values, like their parents, to protect and empower one another. To build an #EmpathicGovernment versus an #AuthoritarianGovernment the Empathy Surplus Project suggests The Four Empathic Activities. Learn more at



Our Empathy Surplus Congress is a community of practice. Every day we promote the ideas of effective government of, by, and for the people, progressive markets, mutual responsibility, stronger people, and better futures by practicing Four Empathic Activities. We:

  1. INWARDLY DIGEST and use the latest brain insights of Dr. George Lakoff to frame daily caring conversations to promote human rights.
  2. INVEST in weekly congressional hearings about how to apply Dr. Lakoff’s insights to advance caring policy directions.
  3. IMPLEMENT caring policy directions through partnerships with ethical business, effective government, and other caring society organizations
  4. INVITE others to join us and promote the politics of care.



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Chuck Watts

Chuck Watts

Govern with care and responsibility to self and others. Founder at Empathy Surplus Project. #GoEmpathySurplus